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18th Jul. 2007 | 12.07 pm
Bars, measures and such: Bachlorette- Bjork

Okay, guys here's the deal. I'm going to be opening a boutique soon. I'm still in the planning period, but soon will be in full motion going into the promotional stage as of next thursday!! I'm so stoked!!

Here are a list of the things that will be made and sold:
- Charm necklaces
- Earrings
- Bracelets
- Magnets
- Dishes and Pottery
- Customized shirts
- Tube tops
- Tube dresses
- Knit hats
- Vests
- Bags
- Purses

Although, at first all that will be sold are the jewelry because I am in the process of getting a new sewing machine and the magnets and dishes/pottery. Once I have all of the promotional items done there will be a separate blog with all the prices for all jewelry and magnets. There will also be pictures labeled with the sale name and an order form if you want to fill it out already if you end up liking what you see or you can save it for future use.

Now, everything will be displayed, ordered, and sold at my photography myspace and now home of my future boutique: www.myspace.com/hypofixer.

Thanks guys!! I love you!

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I couldn't think.

3rd Feb. 2007 | 09.07 pm

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I couldn't think.

2nd Dec. 2006 | 02.22 pm

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Catching up on what I love to do....

26th Mar. 2006 | 02.47 pm
Bars, measures and such: Chrome- VNV Nation

Singing, dancing, and writing.
That's what I love to do. I remember when my relatively ghetto cousins on my father's side of the family, wouldn't teach me how to do the harlem shake so I had to teach myself. (You had to see it really, it was quite funny.) When I showed them they laughed at me and said that I was so white that it was funny. Really and truely though, I'm not really that white. Okay, it wasn't because I couldn't dance, it was because I had to wear this back brace for two years that had three straps in the back. I had to wear it 23 hours a day. Only one hour to take a shower. My mom called it the hour of power. Oh well, thats not important that was when I was in 7th grade. Now, i only have to wear a night brace for my back. Its read with monkeys, bananas, and palm trees on it. It had three straps in the front instead of the back and still restricts my movement terribley.
Well, this school year I actually decided to go to Homecoming. Went and left completely sober. Like there was any doubt. We took pictures before we left unfortunely alongside with not be very photogenic, the only good picture of me id really blurry.

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